Best Online Poker Bonuses

Here on our Best Online Poker Bonuses page, we take an up close and personal look at bonuses, inclusive of welcome bonuses that are given to new members and promotional offerings available to all current members.

Bonuses are a great draw for the poker crowd, but it should be noted that the poker spots that we’ve recommended here also excel in other ways: they all offer a wide variety of scintillating poker games of every variation, have some of the most advanced security and safety-related technology integrations and each has integrity – a particular trait rather limited in the online gambling industry – in spades. As well, you’ll find the best customer care, strongest promotions, and most varied poker games at our recommended spots.


At Intertops, first time depositors can claim a 500% match bonus of up to a whopping $1,000. That’s not all – at Intertops, players will find over 270 poker tables just begging to be played at. Tournaments satellites abound here, including many “home-grown” unique tourneys, some with a $100,000 prize pool that members can enroll into for only a penny.

Bodog Poker

At Bodog Poker, first time depositors can claim up to $1,100 as a welcome bonus. They’ll also be able to take advantage of one of the premier “one-stop” gambling destinations, which includes Bodog’s award-winning online poker room, online casino and online sportsbook.

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Online poker bonuses are a very funny thing sometimes. I personally come across them all of the time that seem way to good to be true. These companies must do alright to be able to offer bonuses like they do especially for first timers. It seems every time I look there is a new one that I have to open an account to take advantage of. Even if the only thing you do is use the account for the initial period to get the bonus you just can’t lose. You would be well advised to keep a strict eye out for some of these things. There is a huge benefit to them & you are just leaving money on the table if you ignore them. There are plenty of places that you can find lists of them so you don’t even have to do the looking.

I have a good friend who plays professionally and is always on the lookout for the best bonuses. He’s a very superstitious and always uses his good luck charms – mainly his cubic zirconia rings. He wears one on every finger and won’t play without them. He buys all his rings from one online shop,, which he believes carries the luckiest rings that have helped him perform since he started wearing them. I went to see the offerings at this store out of curiosity and they do carry some quite elegant cz rings – take a look. But I’m not convinced they would bring me or anyone else the kind of luck my friend claims to receive from his “fantastically lucky” cz rings.

One thing you can remember, if you win big because of this help & you feel it was useful you can always look me up & split the winnings. I wouldn’t mind at all. The truth is, I just hope the information helps you do better. We could all use a bit of that.

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